Sunday, January 17, 2010

Writings From the Past Pt. IV

One of my good & old friends, Scott, and I have gone through a lot of ups & downs in our friendship. At one time, Scott had feelings for me and attempted to woo me w/ his words. Lucky for him, he happens to be quite the poet. This still makes me smile.

Jenn asked me to continue from the previous free-written...
So, I went off topic and started rhyming about her. This one's for you, Jennifer.
(P.S. The blog title is of the song I listened to partially as I wrote this.)

Just a Free Write
i just want you to know that to me, i think you're beautiful /

a mixture of kelly kapowski and winnie cooper, too /
you're the super glue, that holds this heart of mine together /
and without you in my life, would crumble worse than the city of rome - never /
could i have imagined that this heart of mine would blacken /

by the fact that what we once could have had can no longer happen /
i'm not acting, just rappin, hoping i might be able to show you just a fraction /
of how much i care, my apologies for referencing math and /
know i'm just spittin' some free-written off of the top of my hairpiece /
don't stare please, not like i'd be staring at your derriere, peace! /
i want us to go to a land called disney /
and i hope that you might have a good time with me /
but strictly, understand that i might not remain on consistently good behavior /
you know that i'm not a player, but instead i'm just a rhyme sayer /
a dragon slayer, who wants to get comfortable in your lair ;) /
if you ever wonder "what's scott doing?" know that i'm right there /
right above your left breast, in your heart, in a high chair /
but i'm not no baby, nor am i implying that you would be mine either /
but believe, if we were together, we'd shine through this ether /
i'm not a preacher, but i am a believer,
that things happen for some reason or another /
but don't deny me when i say (in pharell's voice) I JUST WANNA LOVE YA!* /
but be who i am*, i mean no disrespect ma'am /

just know that my heart's not one to fuck with, like the Wu-Tang Clan**

- Scott N. aka Scotty Blaze
July 9th, 2:10 a.m.

* Pharrell's guest vocals in the chorus of Jay-Z's "I Just Wanna Love U"
** The Wu-Tang Clan song "Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthin' To Fuck Wit"

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