Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So I was taking a bath the other day, listening to music with my headphones on & was completely consumed with my thoughts. I was thinking about my current predicaments in love, life, and finances. The world, politics, the future. My worries were drowning me. In order to sort of release some of that, I decided to do this piece. I know it's impossible to see but the largest word underneath them all is the word LIFE backwards. Obviously to symbolize how backwards I feel my life is right now. Every word is relevant to me in some way. I did type out the list of the words I used in case anyone really was curious enough. If you are, lemme know, and I can indulge you. I really had no idea how to construct an aerial view of a bathtub so I'm a disappointed with that but it is what it is. Everything is packed right now so I didn't have a proper camera to photograph this or scan it (yes, I do have a scanner that I never used bc I was too lazy to unpack it) so camera phone photos will do. India inks & newspaper clippings on watercolor paper 9x12.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Here We Go.

For you, you old so and so. Always.


Friday, May 21, 2010


So I'm just posting some more of the Friend Fotos I have done. Not like it's a lot... just two but I'm also posting the sketches before the colorings. I personally hate the colored versions and prefer the sketches.

I also included a collaboration piece between Toffer Surovec and myself. He's a fantastic writer & I'm illustrating some of his written lines. Check out his site: http://writethingsdown.com/

Two Friend Fotos are of Lori Hammer & Matthew Stoll. Two of the most beautiful creatures I have ever encountered. More to come soon. I feel a huge swell of art getting ready to spill out onto a canvas soon enough.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Friend Fotos

It's been quite a few months since my last update and one has been looong overdue. I plan to do some free writing on my personal journal either today or tomorrow. Well, anyway, an update has been past due so I thought I'd share some of the things I've been up to. I honestly have felt most of my work has been shit, which is why I haven't posted anything but I recently started a new project worth sharing. I decided to start drawing a personal friend of mine every day, for more practice than anything really. I usually used more than one photo of the person as reference, (I HAD posted reference photos here just so you would have an idea of what the person is SUPPOSED to look like, but blogspot wasn't showing em :( I'll just have to do that on FB, I suppose) I still have a few to do but this is what I got so far:

First person I drew was Alicia:

Next was Nate:

Third was Suanny:

Fourth was Toffer:
Fifth was Nycole:
Next was Scott:
Seventh was Julia:
Eighth was Brandon:

So! There you have it. I could go into the details of each one, like Julia always wears quirky hats, Brandon is always wearing his grey hoodie, Nycole was one of the hardest to draw, Nate plays guitar but I just put the guitar there so I wouldn't have to finish his arm etc etc. But I wont bore you with the details ;) More to come soon!