Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So I was taking a bath the other day, listening to music with my headphones on & was completely consumed with my thoughts. I was thinking about my current predicaments in love, life, and finances. The world, politics, the future. My worries were drowning me. In order to sort of release some of that, I decided to do this piece. I know it's impossible to see but the largest word underneath them all is the word LIFE backwards. Obviously to symbolize how backwards I feel my life is right now. Every word is relevant to me in some way. I did type out the list of the words I used in case anyone really was curious enough. If you are, lemme know, and I can indulge you. I really had no idea how to construct an aerial view of a bathtub so I'm a disappointed with that but it is what it is. Everything is packed right now so I didn't have a proper camera to photograph this or scan it (yes, I do have a scanner that I never used bc I was too lazy to unpack it) so camera phone photos will do. India inks & newspaper clippings on watercolor paper 9x12.



  1. great piece! And I dig the tub!

  2. You look too relaxed to be drowning in worries ;-) Plus, I always think of you as a photographer. Maybe the words should be more threatening & the level higher so that you seem in danger of going under? Or maybe you could use photography to show you under water with the words superimposed on the water surface & you beneath the surface (maybe with one of the filters in Photoshop?) so the figuritive drowning looks more literal. I like the picture but w/o your comments, I would have thought you were being safely enveloped by the words instead of threatened. Especially Love, complex, create, God, Los Angeles (which all have positive connotations). Of course after reading your statement I now see hysteria, LeftBehind, PAIN, trouble, worry...