Friday, February 26, 2010

Big Sisters!

So, Bioshock is undoubtedly one of my fav games of all time. And with Bioshock 2's release, I, of course was in love all over again. If you've never played the first, I highly suggest you get to doing so. The art direction, design, art deco, music, details, era, game play, etc do it for me every time. I must have played the first (no joke) about 9 times or so. And you know what? I ALWAYS found something new in the game I never noticed or skipped past before. Now that the second is out, it has a multiplayer mode, new plasmids, & a deeper look into the world of Rapture. I loved everything the game had to offer, which is not always the case w/ sequels. I played through the Bioshock 2 once already and am still gunning for more. It took me a bit to warm up to the premise and the Big Sisters but now, the Big Sister is one of my fav video game characters. Her design is incredible. If there is a Bioshock 1 and/or 2 art design book... I need it. I decided to do a piece in inks of the Big Sister. It took about 15 min to do, it was just something fun & sketchy looking. I also included a past piece I did of a guy (who, yes, looks like Shaggy, although that wasn't my intent) running from a Big Daddy done in Photoshop about 2 and a half years ago. I think I might do some more fanart in the near future.. until then, I can't wait to play the game(s) again. :)

All Bioshock characters © 2K :)


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